Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morons, MediCal and Medicine

"Hi, we have a question about a TAR request for medication. We don't know who my brother's worker is, though."
"Sure, here's the county office number."
"No, we've called there, and they've told us that since he is on SSI, he no longer has a county worker. I'm trying to figure out who is handling his TARs now."
"His worker would be based out of the county office."
"But he doesn't have a worker..."
"That's not what you said!"
"Sorry, let me try and clarify. He doesn't have a worker because..."
"That is NOT what you said when you called!" (starting to sound riled up and panicked). "You said you didn't know who his worker was, not that he didn't have one!"

::click:: I just couldn't take anymore stupid. It was leeching into my brain.

Eventually, we got the TAR number, found out the meds had been approved on 5/5, and called the pharmacy, only to be told that the meds in question were discontinued. I'd just ordered them (with my money) from the manufacturer earlier that day. When I tried to argue, she said, "Our wholesaler says they no longer exist, so they no longer exist. You can't have them."

Now, Walgreens had been willing to order this med last month when it was self-pay, but as soon as it gets approved by MediCal, who pays less than I would, we can't have it? Fishy. I'll be getting the manufacturer and Walgreens on a conference call today.

On the plus side, MediCal SEEMS to have approved Needlenoggin's wheelchair, which would be fantastic. They didn't approve the depth of the seat, so I'm afraid it'll get kicked back to processing (again)...but it would be so nice to get him his official wheelchair before the anniversary of the accident!

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