Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now It Is Official!

Today, on September 4, 2008, the three Oakland firemen who responded to Needlenoggin's 911 call (and the officer who brought the toys to Rorysausrus) arrived at his bedside on the 5th floor of Highland Hospital. They presented him with the above plaque, naming him a "citizen hero" and thanking him for his good deed.

They've been trying to get to him for a few eeks, but with him being away in San Jose, they hadn't been able to come. This was the best thing about this trip to Highland (although the other issues involving failure to communicate, verbal abuse and problems with patient care were finally resolved today as well).

If you want to watch the video below, you have to turn up your speaker volume.

Oh, and in Round Peg news, we won our scholarship! This win is due to the passed-along emails from friends and family members to their other friends and family. So, thank you so very, very much to all the people who reposted my vote-begging, and for all of you who viewed it and took the time to pass it along.

We won the scholarship, which will now pay for 75% of my History BA and my credential (I'm working on those concurrently)...and might be able to fund part of Needlenoggin's care.