Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mama's Little (but growing!) Monkey

It has been a while since we updated on my little monkey, and I'm all a-flutter with good news. First, though, I wanted to mention that it is Craniofacial awareness month. Also, NY Yankee catcher, Jorge Posada, and his phenomenal wife Laura, are writing a book about their son's experience with craniosynostosis. They are the founders of the Jorge Posada Foundation, which does many great things for kids with cranio. They're also co-sponsoring our Signing Time concert in Seattle, so please go check them out.

Anyway, we took the little dude in to Doernbecher to see the developmental pediatrician. Last time we were there, we were given the phrase "global developmental delays." It was a rough appointment. This time, he still didn't really want to play with them in their little room, but he did stack blocks, do the puzzle-thing and point to the kitty cat. Yeah, he can do that now. He also showed off this trick every time anyone said a number:

At 32 months of age, he functions at a 21 month old level, we're told, even with all of his signing and new skills. He's still behind, but at least he's making progress. And who knows, he may catch up. Rorysaurus did. This is her, at the same age, reading What's Wrong, Little Pookie? with me:

This is Little Monkey's take:

He's grown a pinch, too. He's 34 inches tall, which is half an inch up from last time, on track at 3rd percentile. He's also 28.5 lbs, so he's gained there, too, and is hovering around the 10th percentile. The head is the same. Now, we just have to find him a preschool!