Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update on NeedleNoggin

Tuffy bought Rorysaurus a ukelele, and she wrote a little song for Needlenoggin on it. It has become instant "music therapy" as she's constantly writing songs (many of which are VERY morbid) and dancing around. Getting it out is good, right? Here she is playing (notice the mention of "cuts and bruises") for him.

Also, when visited last night, Needlenoggin was aware and lucid and devoid of hallucinations (yay!). He laughed at Red vs Blue and enjoyed Rorysaurus's little song. He also was quite taken with his news story.

And, if you pinch his toes, his calves twitch. It is spasmodic and he can't feel it, so we're only talking about maybe a reflex, but still, that's something. Hooray! He hugged Tuffy and I when I left and made sure to ask about the Oakland Tribune article that will be out today. Don't know what that says yet, but hopefully it'll be complimentary. he wants it framed.

Oh, and two notes:

Yes, the lawyer knows I'm blogging, and save things specific to the lawsuit, he doesn't much care. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

Thanks for all the support on therapy for Rorysaurus. I do know it is good for her, but there's just something odd about therapy for a preverbal kid. Then again, I know that is my wry amusement, not a good reason to avoid it, so she goes in for her referral tomorrow. She's had a really rough month, and if singing and painting (while I get a quiet 30 minutes in the waiting room) is what she needs, I'm all for it.