Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving on out!

Well, Needlenoggin's doing as well as can be expected. He's moved in to the TCU, and is working his numb little butt off. :)

Most exciting is the news that on Tuesday, they sat him up, and told him they were hoping he'd be able to sit for 90 seconds. He did it for 4 minutes. Wednesday, he even was able to sit upright in a chair for 15 minutes! He also is sore in his abdomen from all that balancing upright, which is good, because at least he's feeling something. We're still hoping that he'll regain all of his sensation.

He's doing so well, it looks like they are going to transfer him to the Spinal Cord Injury Program at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. This is the premier center for spinal injury in the state, so we're more than thrilled that they have a space that fits him.

The only issue I can see about the Spinal Center is that they don't seem to allow visitors under the age of 14. 30-60 days without seeing Rorysaurus would be very, very hard on Needlenoggin, so keep your fingers crossed that there's a way around that policy (having him meet us in the lobby or something). If worst comes to worst, we'll try and set him up with SKYPE (a webcam service) there, and have them talk that way, but I know he loves her hugs and snuggles.

All the center needs us to do now is find him a home to discharge into. ::sigh::

Needlenoggin also has a benevolent account set up through Washington Mutual, now. What this means is that anyone can go into any Washington Mutual in the country and deposit money into account # 3171400381, and it will go towards the van, mobility equipment, wheelchairs and his drastically increased rent. Donations can also be mailed to the Washington Mutual Emeryville Financial Center at 5747 CHRISTIE AVE
in EMERYVILLE, CA 94608-2412. Just include a note saying that the money is to be deposited in account # 3171400381. The donations aren't tax deductible, but they are appreciated.

We took candy (provided by our friend Jessi's mother-in-law, Carol) to his ICU nurses, and took flowers and milk-chocolate seashells to his FANTASTIC surgeon, warm doctor and favorite nurse. He signed all their cards with his left hand (since the right is broken) and while rudimentary, the writing was legible.

Rorysaurus and I (with help from our babysitter) got Fabric paint and made him a shirt for his transfer out to the rehab center, since he'll be leaving tonight or tomorrow and has to wear clothes again. :)

And a special thanks to Fr. Al for his loan of Beethoven the doggy-puppet. Needlenoggin is pleased and amused that he has such a soft little animal to love.

Please keep all of the works-in-progress (we're trying to visit a new apartment this week, and our folks are supposed to look at a van in the next few days as well) in your thoughts and prayers.