Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Neck-brace and PT for Needlenoggin

Well, after two scans (a Cat Scan on 11/24 and an Xray on 11/26), Needlenoggin was finally cleared to live his life without a neck-brace! Yeehaw! This is great news because now he can look around from side to side and up and down, something he hasn't really been able to do since the fall. (We took it off for photos since he hated the look of it so much, but he had to wear it all the time to make sure he didn't snap his top two vertebra). Ick.

If you remember, the brace looked like this:

Now, he looks like this:

Also on the 26th, we went to his physical therapist (all the way out in SF) and she tried to get him into a standing frame. it didn't quite work (since the harness they had is awful and Needlenoggin isn't quite flexible enough in his legs to stand). She bucked him in here:

and was able to get him up this high:

He can't weight-bear (hence the uncomfy look on his face) but being upright is so good for his spine and internal organs. e was sore for a good long while afterwards, though.

Oh, and we managed to get him into some hot water...literally. His therapists have all recommended that he get into a warm therapy pool to ease his spasms and take some weight off of his fragile skin. We were finally able to find such a pool and a lift to get him in and out, and while not floating away was a lot of work, he loved it. It was the first time he'd been submerged in water since the accident (no baths or pool therapy until this point).

Broken Hearts

Alright, the title may be a little melodramatic, but I was very shocked at Rorysaurus and Little Monkey's checkup the other week.

In case you didn't know, or remember, Little Monkey has a heart defect (he did have two, but one went away all on its own). Instead of looking like this:

Little Monkey's Aortic Valve looks like this:

It's a minor defect as far as heart defects go, and while it probably will require surgery, it shouldn't be an issue until he's in his forties.

Well, when we went to the kids' appointment, my WONDERFUL pediatrician checked Rorysaurus' ears and heart, then checked Little Monkey's head, then listened to Rorysaurus' heart, then checked her reflexes, then had Rorysaurus lay down so she could hear her heart... You see where this is going, right? So, I asked what was up, and (after getting the opinion of the other doc in the office) she told me Rorysaurus has a benign systolic heart murmur, known as a Still's Murmur. Not a real problem, just something we need to be aware of for dental surgery because of an elevated risk of infective endocarditis (where bacteria enters the bloodstream through dental procedure and infects and kills a heart valve. It actually happened to Dh's cousin's wife (hereby dubbed Music Mama).

By the way, if you have any extra prayers to spare, please keep Music Mama in your prayers. She had a valve replaced a few years ago due to the endocarditis, but it is failing now, and she's in her sixth month of pregnancy. Her docs figure it will be between 3 days post-partum and a few years before the valve needs replacing, but if y'all want to pray the need is delayed as long as possible, that would be great.