Saturday, July 18, 2009

Airports and blown knees II, revenge of OAK

Perhaps some of you remember that when my mother came to visit us for Needlenoggin's surgery and blew out her knee at the airport. Well, as I was running to the airplane through Oakland airport on my way to Portland with MRM and Miss Manhattan, I fell and MRM's suitcase landed on me. I had them keep running, calling out, "No, go on without me!" I should have included "tell my mother I love her!"

Anyway, I got up, ran the rest of the way onto the plane as they were calling out, "Last call for..." Yay! We arrived in PDX, and with a slightly sore knee I drove MRM and Miss Manhattan through my favorite city. Then we got back to our hotel, and my stiff knee was bothering me much, much more. I wrapped it in ice and a towel and went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning I sprung out of bed, and ate it as I crashed to the floor. My knee wouldn't hold my weight. Damn. I managed to get dressed by hopping from bed to bathroom, get in the car and drive to the nearest Walgreens, which wasn't open because it was a Saturday morning before 9. Hm... Crossed the street to a Safeway, bought Ben-Gay and an ace bandage, wrapped it up and headed out with our friend A.T. drove us to a medical supply store to buy me a cane, so that we could visit two different places.


Now, I've been home for over a week, and while the knee will support me (unless I twist or pivot on it), it is still swollen and bruised and I can't kneel or squat without severe pain. And, before you harass, my doc is on maternity leave, so I couldn't go see her if I wanted to. :)

Grump, grump.