Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poor Little Monkey

My poor little son. He fell this week (of course, the week that Tuffy is gone for work) and split his lip, and then is breaking two molars as well. He's had a 101/102 fever off and on all week, and cries for HOURS, nonstope, regardless of Tylenol, benadryl, food, milk, what have you.

Later this month, he goes in for his semi-annual echocardiogram to check on his little heart problem. And then, June is coming up.

Little Monkey has his 18-month check-up in June (shots!), but that's no more of a big deal than all little kids go through. However, he has a big cranio-facial panel (including checking out his teeth, which may be a little bit off) in early June. I was all gung-ho for this to be another easy, "he's fine!" appointment. However, look what we have here (ignore the totally rad hair he has going).

Or there's this one, with him and my mom:

There are actually bumps on both sides of his forehead, but that one on his right (the left side of the photos) makes it pretty prominent. ::sigh::