Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, the kiddos have had their shots, but I don't have a doctor up in Oregon yet, so I haven't What does that mean? That means my Friday night was spent in bed, with a 101 fever, and puking my brains out. Ick.

What the real problem is though, is that we don't have a community of friends up here like we did in the Bay, which means when I couldn't get upstairs to get my monkey when he woke from his nap, he had to stay, crying, in his room for 2 hours. It took that long for the nausea to pass (and the tylenol to bring the fever down), and I felt (and feel) awful about it. We really need to get Tuffy, Miss Manhattan, and Little Bit up here so that we have a functional family (and can help each other when one of us is sick).

I get so panicked thinking about the "what if something happens to me" scenarios up here, and it is really, really scary. ::sigh:: Hopefully we'll all get reunited soon.