Monday, February 15, 2010

One Paralyzed Man Helps Another

You all remember how my baby brother gave money to the C16 crew of the Oakland Fire Dept during the big ice cream event? He wanted them to be able to do something good for someone who needed help in the future, and left it at that. Little did he know he'd be helping another paralyzed hero and the man's two little girls.

In October, some gunmen stabbed a man they were mugging in Oakland. Salvador Recinos Mendez intervened, pulling the victim into his car and driving off. The men then shot into his vehicle, hitting him in the back. The bullet ripped through his spinal cord, nearly killing him. He had no insurance, and he was the sole breadwinner for his family, including his two little girls. Word of his heroism spread, until it reached the Oakland Firefighters and the Oakland Tribune, who sprang into action in their own ways.

The Trib published this wonderful article and collected nearly $10,000 for the family. It was this sentence that caught my eye, however. "The fire crew that responded to Mendez's shooting also delivered holiday gifts to his daughters and will present the Oakland Fire Department Citizen Hero Award to Mendez after his release from the hospital. Firefighters also earmarked $1,000 for furnishings for the family once they relocate to a home that is wheelchair-accessible. " That sounds like the Random Acts folks to me.

Turns out, it was. That $1000 went straight from my baby brother to the family of this man, pausing only long enough for the phenomenal people at Random Acts to direct it. We love you, fire guys!