Saturday, August 2, 2008


Wow. Bay area people are the best! We can't do laundry right now, so we've stopped using the cloth diapers temporarily. However, they're expensive, so we put up a request on freecycle (like a free craigslist that tries to keep stuff out of the landfill) asking for diapers in size 4 or 5. This is what we got:

I'm amazed at the lengths perfect strangers will go to for folks in need.

In Needlenoggin news, he's awake and feeling much better. He was asleep when I went today, but woke up, talked about housing plans, and smiled at the silliness of Rorysaurus' latest song. High spirits and no hallucinations, although it seems he was hearing a few sounds that weren't there earlier today, his nurse reported. Not bad, all things considered.

Oh, and Rorysaurus has decided that she can save things from falling by "airbending" (a term for elemental magic from a show she watches with Needlenoggin). Very cute to watch her tr to move the air to her will.

I was telling a friend today that in our home alone, this year, we've seen more surgeon's bills than the average cost of a home in the US, and close to what my grandmother's Souther California home sold for just a few years ago. Bring on Universal Health Care!

Awww, thank you Reebles!

The donation sites for Needlenoggin and Little Monkey are hosted at Well, on their main page, Reebles has a link to their corporate blog, and they've picked up the story and have it as their top blog post here.

Needlenoggin's reflexes continue to exist, and he's able to feel pressure, if not touch, in a few points on his lower half.

Rorysaurus is throwing up bile (probably due to her refusal to eat), but is otherwise the same. We're trying some soup tonight.

Wish us luck on the home/van/wheelchair hunt!