Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank you

to all of you!

To all of you who donated time, effort and prayer to us:

To all of you who donated to Needlenoggin and Little Monkey's accident funds:

To my mother's friends who have helped out with food delivery while cooking has been so hard for Needlenoggin and our free-time so short:

To the dog-walker who takes Needlenoggin's service dog out for free, to the wonderful and compassionate dog trainer who works with the dog every week:

To Alliance Labs, who make one of Needlenoggin's most necessary medications, and are willing to fight MediCal for us, give him patient assistance and mail him the drugs overnight:

To *K*, the neurologist who keeps such good tabs on Needlenoggin, and the Physical therapists at UCSF who push him:

To our local para-transit group who is helping him get some independence:

To our pediatrician who treats us with such love and consideration:

To the therapists who care for Needlenoggin and Rorysaurus:

To our friend who watches Rorysaurus a few days a week:

To my friends (especially my internet buddies) who are willing to listen to me try to hang on to my sanity:

To my folks, who are helping the best way they know how:

To Tuffy, who keeps me as close to sane as I get:

Thank you.