Monday, August 4, 2008

Good news

Hooray! I am happy to report that Needlenoggin's spinal drain is out! As of sometime tonight, he'11 have been moved to the TCU (Trauma Care Unit), where there's a little more room, fewer beeping machines, and a TV. Still, I'm sure he'll miss the ICU...his room is so awesomely decorated. Notice a theme?

Rorysaurus has been scheduled for her first PTSD therapy appointment on Friday at 11 am. She's begun climbing into my lap to tell me that she's a baby, and pretending to act like Little Monkey. She even drooled on the floor to make her point. :p

Oh, and checkout the video. Most of thse movement is involuntary but two twitches are him busting his butt.


june Bostick said...

This was a cool video.OH, more movement!!! Glad he is out of ICU. It is a zoo and Andy is no wild animal. Though those eyes!
Our anguish for your situation is great and we pray daily.
Also, hoping the care for Rory and time will soften the PTSD.

Carina said...

Wow! Is it typical for people with his level of injury to be able to twitch like that? I know next to nothing about spinal injuries...but that sounds like beyond fantastic news to me!

C.M. said...

Man, that's awesome that Andy has some movement! And it is great to hear Rory will be starting therapy asap.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. :)

Lisa said...

Great news on the movement, and glad that the therapy will start.

I vote for decorating his new room just as beautifully as his ICU was decorated. Love the theme!

take care and big hugs from Lisa in Austin!