Monday, August 4, 2008

Good news, bad news

The good news is that Needlenoggin is doing well in that he is in higher spirits than ever and far more coherent. The “ICU psychosis” seems to have passed, and while he is very sleepy and in come pain, he is ready to get off of the ICU floor. Next, they said they will move him to the TCU, and then it will be off to rehab in a week or so. He has minor sensation in parts of his lower legs (if poked hard enough, he feels the pressure on his muscles as warmth), and has some reflexes when pinched and poked. Also, with much straining (enough to break a sweat over the course of nearly 5 minutes), he is able to twitch one toe on his right foot a millimeter or two (!!!!!) They are hoping to take out his spinal drain today and move him in the next 24 hours.

The bad news is that Rorysaurus isn't doing so hot. She still is refusing food most of the time, and isn't sleeping in any kind of a normal manner. Her re-enactments of the accident are getting scarier and more upsetting (they now involve loud “breaking” noises, and she talks about blood and “owies” constantly). She’s also still not sleeping correctly, and has gone 16 or 20 hours at a stretch without eating. I still haven’t sent her back to school, because I’m afraid she’ll be too much of a nuisance, and that she’ll be too scared, whichmeans she is home allthe time, and whining or crying unless she's got Plaza Sesamo or Blue's Clues on. :( I am really worried about her.


Lisa said...

Oh, honey, so sorry for R. I wish there was a way for me to make it all better for her. Big, big hugs from us!

Anonymous said...

I. Don't. Know. How. You. Are. Vertical. You must be one the strongest humans ever.

You are doing an outstanding job of supporting everyone. R is expressing her feelings, and keep taking her to PTSD therapy. You are a fantastic advocate for your children, as is your spouse.

I will say a prayer for you and your family.

Sue (fellow MTer) said...

So sorry that R is having a hard time - sending her extra healing hugs!!

Rachel said...

Big hugs to Rorysaurus. I am so sorry. I hope the PTSD therapy helps her find relief and perspective.

Carina said...

Oh dear. You poor thing. And poor Rory. Sending big big hugs your way. Please let us know what we can do...I wish I was closer!
Carina (aka aussieyank)

rinse lather repeat said...

ah, bless.

miss rory is dealing the best way she knows how -- and i think the PTSD therapy is a great idea.

you guys hang in there. good thoughts continue.


Anonymous said...

sending healing wishes...and I echo anonymous' statement above --

fellow mter karen m