Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the News!

So, Needlenoggin is in high spirits, has been battling a fever and having some more trouble with his lung contusion. He's stretching and doing his exercises divergently. He's on a new pain medication that is making him a little loopy, but is going to sleep tonight. His paternal grandmother, aunt and uncle came to visit today, which was nice.

We've had an outpouring of love and support here, with some DELICIOUS food getting delivered to Tuffy and I, and some of my "internet friends" coming to babysit the kids for a few hours so I can finish up my semester.

Oh, and his story made the news.

Click to see the video (not on Youtube yet). There's an ad you need to sit through.

We're still waiting for an article in the local paper (should be out in 1 or 2 days).

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