Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Needlenoggin Catchup

On Tuesday 7/22, I picked up my folks at the airport. They got to see Needlenoggin for a bit, then slept for a while. Needlenoggin went in for a spinal fusion surgery, and to have his shattered arm reduced (forcibly limit the swelling so it could be set and splinted). The surgery went on for hours longer than planned, but at 3 am we were able to see him.

Rorysaurus went in to kiss him, and our folks got to see him. It was rough on everyone. The next day he was sarcastic and pleasant, and we did our first lawyer contact. Same plan, basically, Thrusday through Saturday. Needlenoggin has a clot in his kidney that required a drug-adjustment, and he's battling ICU induced psychosis due to a lack of sleep. He now has two black eyes and looks like hell.

We were allowed to take Rorysaurus in to see him, and she was a little afraid of the doctors. She wanted to take Needlenoggin home, and so kissed his owies and tried to drag the bed out with her. When he couldn't come, she started to cry. More on that in the next post.

Anyway, he's lucid and they're going to try to remove his spinal drain and take him off the dopamine tonight or tomorrow. They're hooking him back up onto his CPAP (his machine for his sleep apnea) to see about getting him some more rest, and they've scrounged up a TV for him. He's hurting and lonely, but he needs to rest and I simply can't be there all the time.

On Friday, I simply couldn't take it any longer, and took a baby wipe and cleaned the bits of Needlenoggin's scalp away from the accident site. It was disgusting, and hard to do. his blood is still on the ground, his sandals where they fell.

Also, I've been to the Center for Independent Living and have been told he needs to apply for SSI, CASDI and EDD, as well as Medicare/Cal. Those will probably be done tomorrow. I need to get a notary over to get the power-of-attorney singed so I can sell his bike and sign a lease for him. I also will have to get rid of some parking tickets. :p

Oh, and the Oakland Fire Department came by the house with some toys and good wishes. They were horrified that the boards that gave way were swinging in the wind above our laundry room still. We were advised to call the Oakland PD to request a HAZMAT cleanup (the blood is a biohazard), which I will be doing tomorrow.

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