Saturday, May 29, 2010


Alright, don't get too excited, but young Mr. monkey has gained .75 lbs and and 1.5 inches since his December visit with the endocrinologist! She'd put him on a low dose of thyroid supplement, and he's now growing only slightly less quickly than any other kid his age (in short, he's not catching up, but he's not getting left behind so quickly, either).

Yay! Let's hope the progress continues.


Emma's Mom said...

Great news!!

morganna said...

That's fantastic! I always think the hardest part about your kid falling behind in weight & height (once the problem is figured out) is they can't catch up again because the other kids keep growing, too! :) (been there done that with the low weight kids, and it was so hard to see them gain enough to put them at the right spot on the growth chart, except the right spot had moved!)