Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well, after another round of specialists

a brain scan and a heart-ultrasound for my son, along with various blood tests and questionnaires, we are...

...still at square one. ::sigh::

He's small, a little slow, and no one knows why. Poor baby. He's got some new endocrine panels coming up (to check his levels after we started the thyroid pill), another appointment with the geneticist, and he gets to see a new opthamologist as well.

At least he is doing well with his speech pathologist. She's got us doing some website work with him at Starfall, and he's very good with his repetition. Also, his signing is getting better, as he can now ask for Signing Time:

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June Bostick said...

i listened to the music and thought, yes, each of our children are special and will go in the way they should go....WE are their cheer leaders aren't we?