Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The end of MediCal and a wheelchair

That's right, ladies and gents. California is broke and so they have cut Needlenoggin's MediCal. Not just reduced it (like they have done to everyone else) but cut it. Gone. No Rx coverage, no doctor's visits, nothing. Aren't they awesome?

If you'll recall, though, right before all of that, we finally got the wheelchair from Wheelchairs of Berkeley. We'd had a miserable time getting the chair from another company 45 minutes from here, so we tried to get it from WOB. We eventually got him measured by a nice lady, and the chair got ordered. However, we had folding vs folding back issues, and the piece had to be re-ordered. Fine.

So we went to go pick it up, and they'd ordered the correct piece in the wrong size. Rad. I asked what the @$@%@$^ had happened, and was told they'd have to re order the next one, and we'd get it in a few weeks. When we expressed our displeasure (I believe it was, "Come on! It has taken nearly a year to get this chair! How did you order the wrong size?"), we were told, no joke, that "I think everyone has to take some responsibility here."

What?!? I should take responsibility for the fact that you ordered the wrong piece, and not even in a size that was anywhere on any order (we've discussed 20, 19 and 18 inch chairs...In what size did they order the back piece? 16!). And we called to confirm the order of the folding back-chair BEFORE it was ordered! She just vetoed our order, and got the other one.

Anyway, Needlenoggin gave up, came home, switched backs off of his 10 year old chair onto the new green one (a long process if you've never done it before), and now we're waiting for the new back to come in, and we'll just do it again by ourselves.

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