Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You can help!

So, we're muddling through. I'm still on some rather nutty pain medications that make me loopy (and sometimes hallucinatory). It also makes typing and just being ambulatory difficult. I did get my paper submitted, but failed it because I had failed to mention some certain specific criteria. Except I didmention that item and spent two paragraphs detailing it. So, they're re-grading.

At the doc's today I got one of my drains taken out so I'm only leaking icky red/orange goo and tissue from one bulb on one side of me. Joy! I'm still in a binder and under strict orders not to stand up straight for another week, and not to do any heavy lifting for another week after that, but at least I'll be all better by the time Little Monkey gets released from the hospital.

Needlenoggin is doing well, we're still all on pins and needles waiting to see how his Medi-Cal, CASDI and SSI applications are going, and what his discharge plan is (when he's coming home, where to, what his care situation is, etc). We've also got, right now, over $340,000 in medical bills for Needlenoggin here, and a few thousand for Rorysaurus as well. Ick.

However, you can help! I'm in the running for a scholarship (that's right, for those of you who aren't aware, I'm a full-time student right now). The contest consists of a video explaining why you need the cash and how you plan on using it. The video on youtube is here. Click the link, watch the video (or don't) and rate it by clicking on the little stars underneath the video. I'm about 60 votes away from the first place guy (who is a gold-medla winner and a world record holder who wants a scholarship so he can get check "getting a degree" off his list). Vote, please.


Ms. Bar B: said...

I just posted a blog about what you have been going through asking the few folks who visit me to come on over and help out. I hope that was ok.

You can always check it out to see what I said. Keep recovering and I also wish Little Monkey a speedy recovery as well.

Wendy said...

That guy....that first place guy....grrr he makes me so angry....i showed his video to others and they all said "and he needs this scholarship because....?" exactly! he doesn't! It would be nice for him, but he doesn't desperately needed it as much as you do!

I'll keep passing the message around and I hope that come monday YOU will have beaten that guy!