Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bad headline

So, the headline at reads: Family blames landlord for accident that paralyzed man. However, if you read the article (well written by Ms. Woodall), you'll notice that none of our statements say anything to that effect.

However, in the real paper, the article is titled "Hero Paralyzed; Man falls as rotten landing crumbles." Weirdly enough, the type is exactly the same. Here is what the newspaper article looked like:

Doesn't Tuffy look great? Anyway, we're getting a copy framed for Needlenoggin, and sending a few to family as well.

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Peg in Oroville said...

I just found your blog, and thus read your story. I am horrified and feel so horrible for all of you. May your brother be given peace and healing, body and soul. He is a brave young man, who gave so much to ensure his neice was protected. I cried when I read what happened. May your precious daughter find peace with what happened and grow to know just how special she truly is and how much she is loved. Bless your little guy, he too is special and has endured so much in his short lifetime. And for you two, may God bless you, bring you peace and wisdom and may you know that many people are praying for your family.